Our Clients Experience

Levent Tanit

You deserve each penny we paid you.

Chris Lindbloom


Deniz Fıçı

As told, it buried itself deeper by the increased load and kept on holding us perfectly.

Chris & Alyse Caldwell

It was the best choice for a multipurpose anchor until we discovered the ULTRA Anchor.

Rick & Barbara Heinen

in some of the same mud bottom that we dragged in with our old ROCNA.


"The next morning, I dove to see how this miracle might come true ancd shocked to see that the anchor was buried in sand without any scope and I thanked again to the workers of this miracle"..


"We have now tried it out in mud, sand and coarse sand and it has worked extremely well every time"..


"Our Ultra Anchor has not dragged till today. We took cover in our boat hoping it would not let us down this time, too"..

İlhan Doğan

...''We went to a specific place where we could not get the previous anchor hold even by trying for several times and the ULTRA held at the first attempt.''...