Our Clients Experience

Yavuz Orer

"Culiano ran to the internet cafe to buy an Ultra Anchor made in Turkey"..

Atilla HOROZ

"We congrulate you for manufacturing such functional and quality anchor"..

Ersan Şahin

''You did design a fabulous anchor. I can now anchor even by shorter scope at all places where I could not with my old B…. anchor. Congratulations and keep up with good work.''

David Bock

...''We were fortunate enough to be offered the opportunity to trial test an Ultra all summer cruising season last year and after anchoring out all season and not wanting to deal with the Med mooring in marinas I can tell you that it worked flawlessly for us all year.''...

John & Nancy Celick

...''The combination of the Ultra-Anchor, your nifty swivel and your chain hook are in danger of making us become over-confident in our anchoring skills.''...

Hakan ÖGE

"I think you are manufacturing one of the best anchors in the world."..

Nilgün GÜNDÜZ / Vagabond('dan alıntı.)

"We thanked to our anchor ULTRA for one more time that it carried those two big boats in this storm when the wind was blowing 30 knot."..

Alexus Sheppard

"Please feel free to use our quote regarding our Ultra: "Drop it, Set it, Forget it!" What a relaxing way to anchor :-)"..


"We had successful anchoring at each of 5 countries that we had been and stayed safe."..


"It has won my respect over-and-over again. It is the perfect anchor for catamarans or any other boat that has a tendency to sail on their anchors. It is the perfect anchor for anyone who wants to protect their investment and wants to sleep at night. I would recommend this anchor highly to anyone who wants to match the quality of their boat with the ground tackle that keeps them from harms way"..