Yavuz Orer

From: A. Yavuz ORER
To: [email protected]
Sent: Saturday, October 25, 2008 10:14 PM
Subject: ORER teknesinden haberler 3
…”Culiana ran to the internet cafe to buy an Ultra anchor made in Tukey”…
On a stormy day, all boats from close islands, open bays and harbors crowded into Vilihona bay.
Culiano did not anchor; he boarded his boat on me. We wanted to try my anchor. Culiano’s boat is two
times bigger then mine. We used 20mt chain at a 6.5m depth. The weather blew nonstop between 28-38 for 24 hours. We saw 52 at showers. After that storm Culiano ran to the internet cafe to buy an Ultra anchor made in Tukey…
 …I think the weather was 10 outside. No need to say that inside was too bad. When surges started to come inside from harbor entrance, all anchored boats became washing machines. Small boats started to go into marina…We had to stay for a while since it was not easy to take the engine into the boat. We took our anchor near by the help of head and stern chain grabs’ surge absorbent rubbers.
Therefore, we started to take the wind from side but at the same time we started to take the huge waves entering inside from head and stern and this helped a lot. Some washing machines had to wait for the whole night since their anchors were dragging (I had clearly seen that one of them was using –C..-).However, we could sleep well in safe.
My dear friend Nejat, you have designed a beautiful anchor, it made our journey comfortable, we can sleep in safe at all weathers. On the other hand, it writes Ultra and Made in Turkey on it and that makes me a lot happier. Before Ultra, I used to throw another anchor when weather was increasing however there is no need fort hat no more. I thank you and your partner Mr. Yılmaz..