From: Haluk TATARİ 
To: [email protected]
Sent: Tuesday, May 05, 2009 12:31 AM
Subject: Ultra
Hi Erkutay,
We already met at boat shows. My boat is Bavaria 33 Cruiser; our anchor is 16kg Ultra. I already thanked you personally but I wanted to write you to thank again for making such a great product for us. I am already writing about it at forums. We had some incredible adventures with Ultra. We held safe on a weedy bottom under 20 knots wind at a choppy bay. At another time, Ultra held us without any scope at a busy anchorage, it was nearly perpendicular to the sea bottom and the wind was again around 20 knots. The next morning, I dove to see how this miracle might come true and shocked to see that the anchor was buried in sand without any scope and I thanked again to the workers of this miracle. I am telling this story at everywhere. Last week, we met a couple from New Zealand at Sapdere Bay, S
south of Alacatı/Izmir. They asked us if our anchor was Ultra and they already knew everything about it. I gave your phone to them.
Haluk Tatari
S/Y Gelin
Alaçatı Marina