Chris & Alyse Caldwell

Subject: Training Trawler Sandy Hook has a new anchor
Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2012 06:04:41 -0500
From: Chris Caldwell <[email protected]>
To: <[email protected]>
We recently installed a new ULTRA Anchor aboard our Training Trawler Sandy Hook. The reason for the change was our other anchors were NOT doing the job well enough. Our Trawler only has a single anchor pulpit so when we change geographic regions with different bottom conditions it is a major operation to change anchors. By this I mean I have to crawl out there and manually change from one anchor to the other by removing the anchor in the pulpit and replacing it with the other anchor stored on the aft deck. Because of this dirty tedious operation we started using a MAX Anchor believing it was the best multipurpose anchor. If you haven’t seen a MAX it is the giant scoop that looks like a construction tractor backhoe blade. It did serve us well but we continued to have issues with it setting on top of clay, oyster shells and slimy bottoms because it just rested on the top and did not have the ability to dig in. It was the best choice for a multipurpose anchor until we discovered the ULTRA Anchor with the concave plow concept. This anchor has the pointed plow blade to penetrate the clay and oyster shells and a concave design to act as a mud anchor. Yes we tried it  in the slime bottom conditions at Pecks Lake on the ICW south of the Crossroads near Stuart, FL. The anchor laid on the bottom while we scoped out the rode and it dug in through the slime and set in the heavy mud below. We backed down on it and felt it bite into hard sea floor. When weighing anchor we did have to work to free it, something we  were looking forward to because this area is known for bad holding conditions. We have used the ULTRA and are satisfied we have found our new Multi-Purpose anchor.
And that’s not all, the ULTRA Swivel is an excellent design and the anchor comes up into the pulpit correctly every time. Our old system had a 50 / 50 chance of nesting in the pulpit. If not we had to lower the anchor and try again. After a few times of that we had to get our boat pole and push it around till it came in properly. More dirty work we do not have to deal with now.
Our boat Sandy Hook is presently docked in Fort Lauderdale Bahia Mar Marina at Trawler Fest. Drop by to see our anchor, we are bow in on B dock slip 214, Southside of the hotel.
See you on the water, 
Chris & Alyse Caldwell
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