14 years on the market
15000+ Ultra Anchor installations
800 lbs available from 11 lbs to 800 lbs
186 ft for boats and yachts up to 186 ft

ULTRA Anchor

ULTRA Anchor range is the pinnacle of anchoring technology and design.


ULTRA Flip Swivel

ULTRA Flip Swivel is a uniquely fabricated anchor swivel.


ULTRA Bow Roller

ULTRA Bow Rollers, rollers are made of



ULTRALINE Flat Rope Reel stores a significant lenght of line in a compact space.



ULTRA Anchor / Warranty

Thank you for joining ULTRA Anchor family. ULTRA Anchor chosen by necessary criterias has life time warranty against any material defects, bending, breaking, cracking and/or rusting. Over the years the ULTRA Anchor has been tested by many satisfied boat owners around the world anchoring in various ground types and a occasions severe weather conditions, proving the exceptional quality and extreme strenght of the ULTRA Anchor. For providing you the best service, please click the below link and register for the warranty.



The sea trial was a success. But you will now feel very proud of your anchor...

Dan Libera

After several years of stopping by the Ultra booth at the Ft Lauderdale Boatshow, in 2012 we decided to purchase an Ultra for our Bristol 45.5.

Marvin, George & Nancy

For the next 2 hours there were TWO boat anchored in big and nasty swinging winds, on just ONE Ultra Anchor...

Nick Creed